With excellence in all the stages of import and export procedures, ABN8 offers customized solutions for clients who wish full advice regarding this subject.


ABN8 provides solutions for customers from different segments, in its three modes: Direct Import, Import by Order, Import on Behalf of Third Parties. Conducts researches to the best provider of each partner, evaluating points such as product quality, taxes and delivery time. Also acquires goods from it own resources for subsequent resales to companies that request the products. ABN8 has also logistics, administrative and financial connections, monitored by specific channels provide updates on the progress of each step of the import process.


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Through the identification of potential target markets for customers, ABN8 fosters global business opportunities. ABN8 has expertise in launching and projecting Brazilian companies, increasing their export capacity and competitiveness in foreign markets, with a focus on adding value to the national production, leading the Brazilian brand worldwide.


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