With excellence in all stages of import and export processes, ABN8 offers products of its highest quality to its customers and partners.

Açaí Brazilian Habib

Known as a tropical fruit from the Amazon region, Acai fruit is touted as a super food with anti-aging, immune stimulant, fruit and weight loss property and also known as an energetic fruit. Overall, this miraculous fruit can have a huge impact on people's health. We have this fruit in juice and also in pulp available for export. We also offer the customized product if there is interest.


Cupuaçu is the fruit of a tree native to the Amazônia, close relative of the cacao tree. It is an extremely tasty fruit typical of the northern region of Brazil. This product is available only in pulp and is usually served as ice cream. We also offer the customized product if there is interest.



The coffee line in which we work, is the arabica coffee and also the coffee collion, in the present we work with the green coffee and also roasted in grain, of the region of São Paulo and also very well-known Minas Gerais, however we have the possibility to provide the roasted ground coffee for our customers. We also offer the customized product if there is interest.


We work with specific commodities such as soy, sugar, corn and rice, we can highlight that the possibilities of these types of products will only be valid through an official purchase request with all the explicit specifications and perfectly stated.


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